Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A blog is for everyone to read, it's for the public. I believe that the responsibilities we have to each there when we blog, is to open peoples eyes to a different subject matter, or inform them on information they didn't know before. Blogging is away to express your opinion that you have yet to express. A blog can also be a way to meet new people that share the same interest or life experiences as you. It's a way to be heard from.  As far as responsibilities to either when we communicate, I think it's our part to have a well thought out blog that is easy to understand and grasps the readers attention.


Germs & Bacteria are not Friends

            Can you ever really get away from germs and bacteria? The answer is no. Germs and bacteria are located on everything. Your bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your house. Every light switch located in your house, caries millions of bacteria cells, which can cause pink eye, flu and other unsuiting illnesses. These germs are also planted on cabinets and door handles. Think washing your hands makes you safe? Not if the person before you decided not to. With every flush fecal matter gets spread throughout your bathroom. Sound disgusting? I agree, but what makes it worse? No matter how much Lysol and Clorox you use, they are only 99.9% effective, which then leaves .1% of a germ to multiply second by second. Yes folks, germs and bacteria multiply. Just when you think you’re safe the bacteria comes back. So in result no matter how much you clean, it’s never enough.