Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dominica McNair- FInal Portfolio

The piece that was the hardest to write was the photo essay. I believe this because we could not use just any pictures. We had to use pictures of our own. I did make it work with the pictures I had, but when it came to publishing it on blogger, all my pictures changed colors and turned sideways. This was frustrating to me because not only am I not familiar with blogger, but I have no idea how to fix it. I know I was marked down for the pictures changing color and the fact that they are sideways, but I tried to fix them, and I had no luck.
The project that was most interesting was the first one we did. It was the visual analysis project. I liked this project the most because it was like nothing I had ever done before. It was not too difficult and was straightforward. I enjoyed the assignment a lot. Analyzing pictures was appealing and a lot of fun.

 I designed the portfolio the way I thought would appeal best. I made tabs so you could easily go to each of the assignments without searching for them. Not going to lie, blogger did not make this project of making the portfolio easy. It was quiet stressful only because it was new to use.

In this class, there was a lot of group work. I think having groups work together often, definitely benefited everyone. Having an extra pair of eyes on work can help a bunch. Not to mention it helped when others did not understand something we were doing in class. For me I know I received very helpful advice and editing when it came to my classmates. I really like how we had our class read our first project and high light things that they thought should be revised. As far as reading other pieces, I learned different ways to presenting things, and diverse ways to structure my writing.