Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the photo essay

My Experience with the Photo Essay

This photo essay is terrible. I had so many cute ideas on how to get my point across with how gorillas and humans are alike. So many I have saved because they fascinated me . and then Mr. w. crushed my dreams. He said they have to be pictures I  have taken. I spend two hours searching through photos to  find stupid pictures of gorillas. most are either not clear or from far way. none of them really make my point as clear as it could be. This project was dumb, I wish we could of used computer pictures. I fear that my point is going to be made, as clear as it could be, and I'm going to get a bad grade. I really want to get a B in this class. I really can afford doing bad on any project. An example of the pictures I was going to do are below. look at it , its heart melting. This creates so much emotion towards the audience. this is a exhalent example of what I am arguing. how alike gorillas  and humans are. BUT NO THEY HAVE TO BE STUPID PICTURES I HAVE TAKEN. I know everyone has to be given the same rules and regulations to their papers, but I really wish I would be able to just use my computer pictures. My mom told me just to use them, I told her no he'll fail me. She laughed at me. I didn't think it was funny. Then I thought to myself,
what if you change your subject to make it easier, but that would only be 12 times harder, because I wrote a great statement of purpose and all that stuff. I really don't have time to re do everything, nor do I want to. I really want to do my topic, but I'm frustrated about the whole project.

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