Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo Essay-How alike are gorillas and humans?

Design Plan for a Photo Essay

Purpose: As with all my research for this class, I want mostly to raise questions about how alike humans are to gorillas. Are we more alike gorillas than we think? How are we supporting gorillas? How much do we know about gorillas? Because of what I wrote in my statement of purpose, I know I want to use photographs to show the resemblance between humans and gorillas. By looking through pictures of gorillas interacting in the same ways humans do, will really make the audience how wired it is. I hope that by showing how wired it is, people with question themselves further on how alike humans are to gorillas and gain interest on the animal.
Medium & Production: I am using photographs. In addition, though in Illinois there are no gorillas walking around! I was able to get pictures off line. Because of my purpose, I know I need to focus on connecting and relating pictures of humans and gorillas acting in the same ways. I need to show a few ways gorillas are alike to humans. I need to figure out how to show the same actions being made and how to display them. I could do a side-by-side example of each different action being made.
I need to plan: pictures or gorillas and humans doing the same things. I will have to collect a various amount of photos to find the ones that connect just right.

ETHOS: Even though I am raising strong questions, I want to come off in a sweet want to make people smile and say "aweee". I do not want to come off as demanding nor forceful, but simply implying information to make people really think. I think the ethos that best supports my purpose is to get others to think and question their self has while they process the information I am supplying them, rather than coming off assertive.
PATHOS: What I wrote about in my purpose and ethos makes me realize I want to keep my essay simple but full of emotion. In addition, I would like to come off a little funny, make people laugh. I believe that if you laugh or connect a strong emotion to a text, you will remember it due to your enjoyment of what you read. I want to have my questions be not too easily answered. This way people will carry on my questions and take them further with them in life to want to answer them when they come across an answer they think suits the questions.
LOGOS: my argument Is raised on comparison. I am going to out a photo of a human and the next photo next to the human would be a gorilla. Both photos will be acting upon the same manner. I hope the comparison will make people think how wired it is how similar gorillas and us are. I plan to put a caption of the action to specify exactly what is being done in the photos. I wonder how many sets of comparisons will be enough. Maybe four or five I would think. However, nothing less than three. I really need to express the similarity, so the more sets the better.

ARRANGEMENT: I will probably have five pages for my essay. A title page and then four pages that have a set of two pictures to form the comparison. Have I each comparison on different pages will force the audience to flip page by page to further read more about the information I am supplying. This will have the audience take more time to read my essay, because each set is on a different page, and not all on one.

Statement purpose for a photo essay

 My audience includes people all over who are as interested in gorillas as much as I am. My audience also includes people who specialize in gorillas, for example a zookeeper or a person like Jane Goodall. My context is going to be how alike humans are to gorillas and how magnificent of creatures they truly are. I hope the audience will feel as if we are very alike, and do share many of the same genes. By realizing the relationship we share, I hope people will be more educated in the similarities humans and gorillas share. I plan to specifically touch on ours and gorillas simple actions shared. One would be emotional and how they express the selfs compared to us. Another would be there every day actions on their life throughout their life's. The best possible outcome of my communication towards the people is to develop a positive emotional experience to inspire people to be eager to learn more about gorillas. The sorest possible outcome of my communication towards the people, is that they would not be impressed nor interested in the animal. Making the subject a boor to the audience. My purpose is worthwhile. I believe it is worth trying to increase the interest on gorillas and have people reaching out to develop more research and information on how alike we are. I plan on doing something like the example we read about in class. If I compare pictures of gorillas to humans, people will see the relation we physically share. I can then in short paragraphs further explain the pictures. Through my pictures I will pacifically show emotions and actions we share in common. I know how important it is to create strong emotion that will really have people think how amazing the correlation between us is.  I am going to have pictures of gorillas doing different actions, followed by humans acting on the same action.

How alike are gorillas and humans?

Responding to a Photo essay:

* I believe my argument is clear, that gorillas are extremely alike humans. I think I used many photos that support my argument, showing different actions being made between both gorillas and humans.
* I specifically stated my argument will no confusion.
* I believe the argument is worth making. Most people do not know that gorillas and humans share 96% of the same DNA. it is an incredible fact, that should be known by all.
* My photos build on my argument. They address the different actions made by gorillas and humans.
* Yes, my page  arrangement is appropriate, I think it was a good idea, that I did the human and gorilla picture next to either, but I also put the description under each picture, so you had to read what was going on in each picture before you moved to the comparison picture.
* My photos are relevant to my argument. They give many examples of actions gorillas and us share.
* My captions are relevant to my argument. They give a brief description of each photo, followed by the comparison to both pictures,  to show the relevance.
* My text supports the photos, I explain exactly what is going on in my photos.
* My essay does introduce its audience to the topic, I give a narrative and argument, along with why the information should be know.
* I checked over my captions, and they are all spelled right with proper grammar.

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